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A Brief History of HGH

The hormone went though it’s first observation  in the 1920’s where it’s benefits were first discovered. Then in the 1980’s confident it lacked side effects, HGH was given to healthy adults with unbelievable results. The only real disadvantage was acquiring a supply.  The only source they had of obtaining the hormone was to extract it from human cadavers. Several years later in 1985, Genentech which had previously cloned human insulin, began to market a genetically engineered (recombinant) growth hormone. A short time later in 1987 Eli Lilly did the same but the price was still to far to high for the average person.

About Awaken HGH
In mid 1998, HGH became available to us (Awaken) though some brilliant bio-chemists in the form of an homeopathic oral spray. All of this was made possible though the use of some dynamic homeopathic principals and procedures making it possible to market it as a dietary food supplement-(an oral spray), at a price everyone can afford.  Awakens formulation and has been refined to the point that we feel it is the best of it’s kind.  Awaken has six years of experience and countless man hours of laboratory research.

Homeopathic HGH
Three double blind-placebo controlled studies using homeopathic HGH were published in the December 1999 issue of Alternative & Complementary Therapies. These are a few excerpts from the studies:

“Our results suggest that homeopathic HGH provides a safe, affordable statistically significant method of of improving body composition and shape.

Age related growth hormone deficiency symptoms, such as abdominal obesity, weight gain, decreased physical strength, decreased libido, poor sleep, depression, and mood swings were relieved effectively.

Homeopathic HGH also improved self-perceived measures related to quality of life significantly such as energy increase, weight loss, improved vision, increase libido, improved sleep quality, improved breathing and improved skin softness. Thus, an oral formulation that was at lest 4000 times lower in concentration than injectable HGH provided some of the same benefits of the injectable.

Overall, homeopathic HGH is an effective oral therapy that evokes positive physiologic and psychological benefits.”

Elizabeth A. Welsh,  PH.D.
James Hughs,  M.D.
Robert  Jackson,   D.C.
Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D.

“When Growth hormone is combined with homeopathic preparation, the results are on the leading edge of anti-aging benefits”

Dr.  H. A Davies
(From Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH)

“A published study sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) (in a study using homeopathic HGH) reported,,, people who took one dose three times a day for two to four weeks showed an 8 to 23% increase in IGF-1 levels (the means of measuring growth hormone in the body).

Among the benefits were the enhanced metabolic, immune and nervous systems.with some of the participants also experiencing elimination of joint pains, reduction of fat and increase in lean body mass.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz
(from Ten Weeks to a younger you)

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